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Who doesn’t love a snow day? As I create this post, snow is swirling, students are (probably still) sleeping, and parents are …


Next weekend, the Falcons and Patriots will compete in Super Bowl LI. As each team knows, getting Super Bowl experience is nothing …


From coast to coast, there’s action on the college front. Here’s what’s going on: Go West, College Counselors! No trip to the …



Jan 2017

To Happy Endings!

Posted by Nina Berler

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed time with your families that did not include any discussion about the college process. …


Late last week, Early Decision applicants starting hearing from colleges. Early Decision is not for every student, but it can be enormously beneficial …

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By presidential proclamation, November is College Application month. Don’t we know it! While seniors were working hard on Regular Decision applications, I …

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Last Tuesday was not only the start of a new month; it was also Early Decision Day. On Monday, October 31, …

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It’s the time of year for Halloween tricks and treats. If your student is a senior or a junior, pay close attention. You …

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The Global Antidote: Going to College in Europe Earlier this year, Money reported that “Americans are Moving to Europe for Free College …

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Fall is quite the busy time in the college-prep world. As I create this post, I’m streaming the annual New York Times Symposium on …

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