College & Career Readiness

We understand the core skills for college and career.

unCommon Apps is well versed in ELA and math curriculum development and understands how to detect and address students’ gaps. Also, we are familiar with how to display passages, lessons, and questions for optimal readability and learning.

We understand how to integrate CCR into lessons.

We have written lesson plans and curricular units and understand the principles of reading informational text. Through our experience in businesses and understanding of corporate strategy, we can increase students’ understanding of the workplace. That is integral to the future of teen education.

We help prepare students for life outside the classroom.

unCommon Apps has years of experience helping students prepare for interviews, structure resumes, and look for internships that match their skills and passions. We also help “undecided students” find colleges with programs that encourage the process of self-discovery.

Sample Engagements

Students need to demonstrate mastery of academic skills such as critical reading and writing.

We create customized learning programs for students, including exercises based on current events articles (e.g., in Wall Street Journal).

A major testing organization needs assistance evaluating writing of students and business professionals.

We are experienced in holistic scoring methodology, having read and scored thousands of essays and writing samples students and business people from around the world.

Students seek to career-oriented experiences during high school and college.

We work with candidates to identify strengths and refer them to internship opportunities. We also assist with profiles and resumes.

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