Educational Content

We know our audience.

unCommon Apps brings a wealth of experience working with teachers, subject matter experts, and students. That means content and lessons are developed in a way in which the audience can understand. Model essays and questions, for example, are written in a student-friendly manner and address subjects of interest.

We appreciate the standards.

Standards are a reality in education today. They provide an excellent means of organizing content. Teachers whose schools do not comply with standards such as CCSS can benefit when objectives are clear and content is aligned horizontally and vertically.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Whether curating content, developing lessons, brainstorming an app, or providing a structure for curriculum development, we deliver a clean and fresh product. We carefully select subject matter experts and editors and scrutinize output. There’s no room for errors in educational content development!

We follow the business diligently.

Our founder studied organizational strategy and also follows the edtech scene, attending meet-ups and pitches for venture capital. Our blog posts about curriculum, content and teaching have been picked up nationally. We match the tone to the audience and quote subject matter experts wherever necessary.

Sample Engagements

A Japanese company targeted middle schools as its entry into the U.S. school market.

We mapped a four-part ELA digital learning program aligned with Common Core State Standards. To implement the middle school curriculum, we vetted writers and editors, communicated with tech team, and tested the beta product with focus groups of students, parents, and teachers. We demonstrated the product at national teachers’ conferences.

A French company used heightened interest in tablet learning as a means of breaking into the U.S. market.

We created and edited math and ELA content, varying question types and using visuals to keep student interest.

An online learning company seeded its platform with thousands of questions and answers from trusted sources. Questions include K-12 and some graduate school.

We curated questions and answers, aligning them to core curriculum standards. We also outsourced additional content creation and brought the project in on time and in budget.

An online learning company needed to extend outreach to teachers.

Using subject matter experts, we created content for popular subjects and used social media to share results and teaching methods, building a community around shared interests.

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