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We respect and relate to the student audience.

unCommon Apps’ college counseling services evolved from classroom and one-on-one experiences with teenagers. Given the magnitude of investment required, as well as the degree of uncertainty and anxiety often associated with the process, we developed a reputation for respecting the needs of each student and family.

We are there when needed to provide advice and support, or just listen.

We recognize that some families begin this process later than others, and some need more levels of support than others. Late-night sessions, college essay brainstorming and editing, curriculum analysis, and campus visits are all vital components of the college application process.

We provide a full spectrum of services.

We have worked with numerous families to create a college list, plan college road trips, and assess fit, understanding the students’ needs, interests, and personality. We coach the student through the process, paying particular attention to standardized test selection, essay development, and early application decisions.

Sample Engagements

A student with specialized interest in urban issues and architecture needs guidance in the college search process.

We analyzed numerous programs to find the right mix of practical programs and liberal arts. We recommended visits to campuses and helped select a program in an urban setting from the available options.

A gifted student isn’t challenged academically and doesn’t fit in socially with her peers at a popular middle school.

We created original lesson plans and writing tasks around the student’s unusual array of interests, providing stimulation and enrichment outside the classroom.

A public high school student lacks the confidence in critical writing that will be necessary for success in the application process and in a competitive college.

We created numerous original writing tasks along with a primer with grammar and usage fundamentals. We continued to work with the student through the college essay creation and submission.

A star athlete doesn’t have the time to complete applications because of the conflict with football season, but the applications need to be turned in on time.

We helped narrow down the schools with top football programs to those that fit the strengths and personality of the athlete. We scheduled deliverables and were there for editorial (and moral) support.

A student and family are grappling with which standardized tests to take and report.

We got to know the student and recommended which tests played to his strengths. We recommended the optimal timing for tests and suggested Subject Tests that would bring out his strengths.

A student with a talent for math displays a gap between quantitative and qualitative skills.

We developed and executed numerous original writing prompts and helped the family through the private school application process. He was admitted to a nurturing school and eventually a top university.

A shy student faces a first: a college interview on Skype!

We held a mock interview using an array of challenging questions and coached the student on how to handle on-camera issues.

A high school cross-country runner with an A+ personality and a B+ transcript seeks admission to an elite university.

We encouraged the student to tell his story through a one-of-a-kind Common App essay and to keep contacting coaches on his own. The result was stellar! Not only did the student gain admission in Early Decision 2, but he earned a spot on the team!

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